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The Cosy Cat Society (Charlie Lyndhurst)

The Cosy Cat Society (Charlie Lyndhurst)

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A purrfect cure for lonely humans awaits


Five strangers meet at a cat sanctuary after each facing difficulties in their lives – leading them to the calming nature of the feline refuge.


Sasha is struggling with the heartbreak of her past and is trying to forge a new life out of a difficult childhood.


Paul has worked hard to break free from a controlling relationship and is ready to find real love.


Luke is searching for his biological parents, desperate to discover the answers about his life he so fiercely needs.


Anna finds solace from her troubled mind in animal therapy, and lastly, Mim, the social butterfly who no one expects is hiding a secret pain.


Brought together by their love for cats, these very different people might just find friendship is in the last place any of them expected…


Fans of Lindsey Kelk, Mike Gayle and Clare Pooley will love this uplifting story of how our feline friends can bring us together and banish loneliness.


Readers love Charlie Lyndhurst’s gorgeously uplifting fiction:

‘I’m in awe of how Charlie Lyndhurst manages to tease out the extraordinary from ordinary lives and make me like every single character.’ Sue Moorcroft, author of Summer at the French Café

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