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A Taste Of Greek Summer (Mandy Baggot)

A Taste Of Greek Summer (Mandy Baggot)

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This summer, on the Greek island of Corfu, sparks will fly as dreams come true...

Lydia Broom is living her second-best life. With her dreams of being a chef left in the dust she instead finds solace writing about the dishes she wished she created. When Lydia's sent to Corfu on an assignment, she's excited to see what culinary delights the island has to offer, but nothing seems to tickle her fancy - until she tastes the creations of local cook, Thanos Nicolaidis.

After one sizzling afternoon in the kitchen together, Lydia and Thanos both allow themselves to dream of the futures they desperately want. And as they grow closer, sharing secret ingredients and family recipes, Thanos begins to realise he has to show Lydia the parts of him he's done so well to hide...

Get ready for the hottest Greek meze on the menu as Lydia and Thanos discover that amid the sirtaki dancing and the smashing plates, they might just be cooking up their very own love story.

Praise for A Taste of Greek Summer:

'What a bountiful banquet this book is!' NetGalley Reviewer

'Beautifully written, this lovely story made me smile, laugh, and left me with a lovely, warm glow.' NetGalley Reviewer

'A delightful read from start to end; one that left me smiling long after I finished the last chapter.' NetGalley Reviewer

'This book is heart-warming and hilarious. I would give it six stars if I could!' NetGalley Reviewer

'Tempting, tantalising and tasty. This book was a one-sitting read for me.' - NetGalley Reviewer

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