The Woman In Red (Anthony Gilbert)

The Woman In Red (Anthony Gilbert)

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They took her identity - they wanted her life - but they couldn't take her spirit.
Classic crime from one of the greats of the Detection Club

When Julia Ross, a jobless and penniless young woman, is sent to meet a prospective employer, she is oblivious to the trap that awaits her. As she rings the bell to 30 Henriques Square, the door opens on a London household ruled by a woman dressed in red with murderous intentions. For Julia is exactly what she needs - someone with no family, no connections, who will not be missed...

Two days later, Julia awakes in a different house in different clothes and with a new identity. And no one will believe anything she says.

But the woman in red hadn't reckoned on a secret admirer even Julia didn't know she had - and the indefatigable sleuth Arthur Crook.