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The Grooms Wore White (Charlie Lyndhurst)

The Grooms Wore White (Charlie Lyndhurst)

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Even wedding planners struggle to get it right...


Jason is the best wedding planner around, known as the Fairy Godfather to the couples

whose special days he plans. But coming up against workplace prejudice is taking a toll on his

love for his job.


His mother-in-law, Mel, has just discovered her husband has been cheating on her with a younger woman. Nearing fifty, jobless and struggling, she needs to work out who she is aside from a mum and a wife, and get her life back on track.


Meanwhile, up-tight wedding planner Harriet is struggling to find her own true love - if such a thing exists. Between liars, married men, and disaster dates, she thinks she may never find the one. And her outdated attitude toward LGBT marriages make her even more bitter.


When Jason starts Extra Weddings - helping people marry whoever they like, in whatever way they want - he, Mel and Harriet find themselves coming together to help couples make memories to last a lifetime. But can they bridge their gaps, and be a unit when others need them most?


Fans of Casey McQuiston, Lindsey Kelk and Justin Myers are invited to the most heart-warming and extravagant wedding event of 2022.

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