Stormbreaker (Alex Rider Book 1)

Stormbreaker (Alex Rider Book 1)

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Anthony Horowitz launched a phenomenal action-packed adventure series with Stormbreaker, the first book starring teenage superspy, Alex Rider.

His teenage hero is cool, contemporary and brave. As the book begins, Alex discovers that his uncle - who has looked after him since he was a baby - has been killed in a car crash.

What's more... he was a spy not a banker - and now Alex is being recruited to help on a MI6 mission. Told at breakneck pace and with tons of suspense, this is an irresistible read.


The Alex Rider series of books by Anthony Horowitz have been firm favourites of teens since the first book, Stormbreaker, exploded onto the scene in 2000.  After nearly 20 years of fighting crime and getting into all manner of dangerous situations, Alex Rider still remains one of the most popular children's book heroes.