Bind Rage

Bind Rage

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A string of troubled, young women committing suicide haunts the Twin Cities. But FBI Agent Bernadette St. Clare has a hunch that these women didn't die by their own hand but were killed by a fetishistic serial killer.

It's a big leap to take and Bernadette's going to need some serious evidence to back it up. There is the English professor who teaches a course on Suicide in Literature who has got uncomfortably close to one of the victims. And then there is the uncooperative psychiatrist who treated two of the dead girls. Both of them know more than they are saying. Saint Clare is going to have to use unorthodox methods to unlock their secrets.

With a cast of characters including a partner who's no longer among the living and a handsome boss who's available, this is the most unique psychological thriller you're bound to read all year.

In her second novel featuring Agent Bernadette Saint Clare, Terri Persons delivers a thriller with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the last page