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A Frightfully Fatal Affair (The Dinner Lady Detectives) (Hannah Hendy)

A Frightfully Fatal Affair (The Dinner Lady Detectives) (Hannah Hendy)

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Cloaked strangers and danger abound...


Margery and Clementine Butcher-Baker are coming to the end of another busy half term as dinner ladies at Summerview Secondary school. The school is abuzz with chatter about the upcoming break, the local harvest festival, and the fact that maths teacher, Mr Weaver, hasn't turned up to work in days.


When the pair embark on an evening walk, they discover Mr Weaver’s body in the woods, with a mysterious symbol painted on the tree beside him. Something suspicious is clearly afoot.

As the nights grow darker and the mysterious symbols continue to appear around Dewstow, the Dinner Lady Detectives are pulled deeper into the case. Can they solve the mystery as deceit and chaos reigns, or will their killer pull off another deadly trick?


A fun and charming cosy mystery, perfect for fans of J.M Hall and Fiona Leitch.

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